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It is a proposal to supplement the interiors with original paintings and graphics.

Each of them is unique and are designed to the all kinds of arrangements.

All of them are painted by me :)

Marta Żygadło

I'm affiliated  with art  from birth.

My grandfather was a founder after the First World War Architectural Studio in Wrocław, where he was a director as well.

My father was  an interior architect and lecturer on Academy of Fine arts in Wrocław.

I graduated High School of Fine Arts (5 years) in Wrocław/ Poland

and I graduated Academy of Fine Art (5 years) in Wrocław/ Poland.

Now I'm working as an Interior Decorator in my own design studio in Poland-

and I create a new brand INARTE collection.

If you have any questions about orders or anything else, feel free to send me an e-mail:

choose your format:

These are examples of arrangements using my works:  

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